Daily Devotion For Thursday March 16, 2017

Exodus 16:1-8

Exodus 16:1-8

Within the field of psychology, displacement is defined as the process of satisfying an impulse such as anger or aggression by employing an alternate or substituted object. An example of displacement could be a person frustrated with her boss at work going home and punishing her dog or yelling at her family. (http://www.simplypsychology.org/defense-mechanisms.html) Whether out of fear, cowardice, or convenience, individuals may blame or punish someone or something close at hand when in fact it is another person who is responsible for their feelings. Such was the attitude of the People of God a few days after they followed Moses out of Egypt and into the wilderness. The exodus from Egypt was not well planned logistically, and understandably the people became disgruntled as the reality of their situation became clear. However, they were afraid to confront God about their hunger, and they forgot that it was God’s power and signs that directly contributed to their successful escape from the control of the Egyptians. Instead of going to God with their issues and relying on God’s power to address their concerns, they displaced their ire collectively to Moses and Aaron for bringing them to their current situation. They even wished for a return to their slavery (Ex. 16:3). God’s response to their anger directed at Moses and Aaron was not mirrored in additional anger but rather compassion. God fed the people (Ex. 16:4-5).

At a time when displacement seems to be a common response to conditions such as hopelessness, discouragement, unrealized dreams, financial challenges, resource limitations, and other challenges outside of our control, blame is being laid at the feet of Muslims, Latinos, Asians, Jews, dark skinned individuals, people exhibiting nontraditional gender roles, political parties, social organizations, court officials, and political refugees. The Exodus story is a reminder that it would do us well to step back from blaming a convenient group and instead listen and follow in God.
Generous God, remind us of your innumerable gifts that you provide daily. Center our trust on you, and give us the patience to wait for your fulfillment of our needs.
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