Daily Devotion For Wednesday March 22, 2017

John 7:14-31, 37-39

Wednesday, March 22
John 7:14-31, 37-39

In this passage of scripture, people were trying to figure out who Jesus was. Jesus gave them a suggestion. In a non-literal translation of verse 17, he said, "Try following what I say and see whether your own experience of doing so doesn't cause you to conclude that my teachings come from God." (John 7:17) This certainly makes sense. But is we're out of touch with God, we may not be able to rely on our own sensibilities to recognize the divine will, even when it is being done. In that case, a more thorough commitment could be called for. It's what the Muslim religion calls "al Islam," the surrender to God. It's what Jesus and St. Paul call dying to the old way of life, so that a new life in the power of God can emerge--in this lifetime.

Holy Spirit, help us to respond to Your nudging, that we may follow the teachings of Jesus and recognize that is needed for Thy will to be done. Amen.
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