Daily Devotion For Wednesday April 05, 2017

Matthew 22: 23-33

Wednesday, April 5

Matthew 22: 23-33

One day the Sadducees went to Jesus in order to hear what he had to say about a teaching they didn’t believe in: resurrection. In their question they hijacked one of the many laws that governed their way of life, a law designed to protect widows from being without support while keeping a man’s lineage alive. The law stated that if a man died childless, his brother was to marry the widow, and “raise up children for his brother.” The question was posed to construe a righteous law for the sake of defending an entrenched belief system.

The Sadducees went so far as to devise a worst-case scenario of seven brothers marrying the first brother’s widow, each dying in succession until in the end the widow dies childless. In the midst of this conundrum, the Sadducees wanted to know which brother is the widow’s true husband in heaven?

How often do we do the same? Concocting rationales to defend our way of seeing the world while our hearts are not open to discover truth.

Jesus answers the Sadducees by telling them they are wrong on two counts: they haven’t paid attention to the grammar nuance in the Bible where God states I am"not was. Jesus declared God to be the God of “the living.” Nor do they understand the power of God.

How is our belief system structured to interpret the grammar nuance the living in this particular passage of scripture? Is God the God of the living Earth, the living poor, the living rivers and streams? Is God the God of all living things? What do we see as living outside of God?

What belief system are we trying to defend when we neglect to see God’s power for what it is? God’s power is the most mighty energetic force in the Universe: LOVE. And his love extends to all that he has created.

God of Light, Love and the Living, thank you for manifesting yourself in all creation. Help us to open our hearts to all that lives around us. May your Spirit inspire us to see all living things as being held in you; sacred, holy, and loved by you. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
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