Daily Devotion For Thursday April 06, 2017

Samuel 16:11-13 Philippians 11-11

Thursday, April 6

Samuel 16:11-13
Philippians 11-11

It's over!
Saul is done, no longer in favor with God, or with Samuel. The king is...

Tomorrow is another day, a new day for the nation. We read of the reign of David as king these days, and are impressed with the accomplishments of David and the nation.
God has a hand in the history of Israel. God is interested in all that happens
for the nation, concerned about the welfare of the citizens, sympathetic to
their plight and experience.

The nation, Israel, was looking God's activity, and they found God in their midst, in their very history. God always seeking his people.

One person reflected on his experience in life, He had had suffered many losses. His lament might remind a person of God's servant, Job. Job had lost it all. He longed to experience justice, that is, a sense that God cared for him in his dire circumstances. God cares. God speaks and acts with good feelings for his servant Job, for the nation Israel, and for us in our need.

Blessed God, our thanks we give, for the blessings of the day, for the gift of you dear Son. We pray we may discern, even in our daily life, the favor you have for us. Amen
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