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Sunday education hour returns!

Adult Education, 10:15-11:00 a.m.

Please come support our Youth Gathering Attendees as they share their Houston experiences with us. The gathering theme was “This Changes Everything,” based on Ephesians 2:8, “By Grace you have been saved…”

Active Grace Sunday School, 10:00 – 100:00 a.m.

Grace Hall

Feeding the 5000

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Teachers and students will be dismissed near the end of worship, parents are asked to accompany their students this week. In future weeks, parents may dismiss with your children or not as works best for each individual and your comfort levels.

Ages 5-5th grade, with middle & high school leaders (Parents, please attend this first day)

For eight weeks this fall we will learn more about what it means to be food secure/insecure in this area by working through the four steps of the service learning process. We will engage this issue through bible stories, guest speakers, and hands on lessons and opportunities to serve with various organizations and groups, including food pantries and shelters.

Ages 3-4 (Parents, please attend this first day)

Children ages 3 and 4 will meet with the rest of the Active Grace group for opening and closing each week, but go to their own classroom, room 104, to learn more about Jesus Feeding 5,000 with stories, fun rotations and engage in meaningful age appropriate service opportunities related to this issue.

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