Grace News 07/13/2015

Youth Gathering travel day

14 Grace youth* and 4 leaders** left Grace this morning, and arrived at the Indiana Dunes by midafternoon. We spent a few fun hours at the beach relaxing, talking, climbining dunes, rolling down dunes, and swimming in Lake Michigan.

After checking into our hotel, we picked up our take out dinners at a variety of locations (White Castle anyone?) and headed out to the 49'er Drive-In, where we relaxed outside, enjoying the sunset. Just before the movie began, the rain started, which at times was heavy with spectacular lightening. We were still able to watch the movie (Minions!) through the tall windows of our rented 15 & 11 seat passenger vans.

You'll have to ask Emma Mattes to see the photos she took of the sky when you see her next!

Tired after our fun day in the sun we opted to skip the second feature and head to our comfy beds. Thanks Susanne Carney for finding us such a lovely hotel!

Coming tomorrow: on to Detroit!

*Grace Youth: Ben Wonderlin, Paul Weaver, Sage Speck, Robert Briggs, Sawyer Shiffler, Tanner Peeler, Devin Ashton, Leslie Denton, Haley Dostalik, Natasha Voelker, Sarah Voelker, Sierra Carney, Courtney Brandsfield, Emma Mattes

**Grace Leaders: Ellen Rothweiler, Carol Mattes, Kent Weaver, Michelle Voelker

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