Grace News 01/31/2017

Are you a Church Elf?

Are you a “Church Elf”? Please tell us!

There is a children’s book that tells the story of a cobbler who has too large of a workload, and elves who sneak in to help him when he is sleeping. There are days that it feels like we have a lot of “church elves” who come in and do things without others ever knowing. This can be a beautiful thing.

As we continue to grieve the loss of Jackie Holmes, the reality of church elves comes to the forefront. Jackie was here as Administrator for over a decade and carried with her a great deal of institutional knowledge. She knew who was volunteering to do different things around the church, and took pride in working with all of those who volunteered in a variety of ways. With her sudden retirement and inability to communicate well almost immediately upon retirement, none of that
information was passed on. Recently, we even inadvertently “stepped on the toes” of someone who has faithfully helped in the sanctuary for a long time. And for that, the staff is truly sorry. We want to both know what all is happening, and be able to offer thanks for all of the work.

In short, we need to know who all of the elves are! If you volunteer at Grace in ANY WAY, please let the office know. We are so thankful for all of the work that is done here, and want to serve you all as best we can.

Thank You!
The Grace Lutheran Church Staff

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