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We at Grace strive for gospel-focused, uplifting worship to empower us to be God's people. God places a high value on worship. From the time God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, God called them to be faithful in worship. To praise God in a variety of ways is our Biblical calling. Our worship together is an expression of our praise of God's grace, our seeking God's forgiveness and our petitions for God's guidance as a community of believers. As a community, we are given strength to be faithful to God and to receive God into our lives so that we might go out into the world in God's name.

Grace worship is, at base, liturgical. It is an experience organized around an order of worship that is centuries-old, yet deeply relevant today.

It can be described it as both traditional and contemporary. Consistent and changing. Energizing and nurturing. Challenging and comforting. We seek to use a variety of expressions to help worshippers hear, see, touch and feel God’s transforming grace in powerful, new ways.

Grace worship stresses:

  • The Word
  • The Sacraments

Grace worship engages:

Grace taps a wide variety of resources to enhance worship and foster a deeply spiritual experience.

  • Liturgy – We use new book of Evangelical Lutheran Worship to guide services. Periodically, we use a Tanzanian liturgy to reflect on our relationship with Msindo Parish in the Pare Mountains of Tanzania.
  • Music – Worship incorporates a variety of musical genres and expressions from pipe organ and piano to brass instruments and handbells, but above all the human voice lifted in song.
  • Lay participation in worship – Grace members of all ages actively participate in worship as liturgists, musicians, communion assistants, readers, altar servers, acolytes, ushers, and more.
  • Visually pleasing sanctuary – redecorated in 2002, the sanctuary features brilliant colored-glass windows, natural lighting, and stone.

Grace welcomes you to worship with us!

Worship is an ever-changing and growing experience. Connect with us, unite with us in celebration, and grow in faith.

  • Accessible facilities
  • Anyone who believes is welcome to commune at Grace
  • Child care provided during Sunday worship services.
  • Prayer chapel open for private devotions and meditation seven days a week.


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Worship ServicesWorship Services

8:15 and 10:45 a.m. Worship with Holy Communion

9:30 a.m. Adult Education, Sunday School, Coffee & Donuts, Middle and High School Hangouts

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