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Advent Wreath Verse for week 3

Help us Light the Advent Wreath! Being unable to attend worship in person doesn’t mean you have to be isolated or that your contribution is less valuable. Help us strengthen our connection with you during the Advent season by submitting a video of yourself or your household lighting the candles on your wreath at home. The video will then be played during the wreath-lighting portion of worship services. There is no limit to the number of videos we can accept each week.

Third Week of Advent (please send these in by end of day, Tuesday, Dec 7)
Blessed are you, God of might and majesty, for you promise to make the desert rejoice and blossom, to watch over the strangers, and to set the prisoners free.
As we light these candles, satisfy our hunger with your good gifts, open our eyes to the great things you have done for us, and fill us with patience until the coming of the Lord Jesus.
O ransomed people of the Lord, come,
let us travel on God’s holy way
and enter into Zion with singing. Amen.

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