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Lutheran World Relief Spring Drive

Lutheran World Relief Spring Drive!

Starting during Lent and going through April, we are collecting donations for Lutheran World Relief.  While we are working to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from Covid-19, we are also remembering our brothers and sisters around the world who don’t have clean water and basic healthcare. Many of them are enduring closed markets and locked down communities, too. Lutheran World Relief will use our donations to provide masks, clean water for drinking and handwashing, and emergency food assistance. They will equip clinics to receive and store the vaccine, and train healthcare workers to deliver the doses to people in their communities. The first $500 we collect will go directly to LWR for these needs. Any additional donations will be used to purchase supplies for disaster relief kits. The kit and quilt shelves have become empty at the LWR warehouses during the pandemic. To fill this need, we are working on tag-team quilting within our homes, and plan to hold a kit-making session for the congregation later this year, when it becomes safe. If you would like to help quilt, please contact Kathy Piltingsrud. If you would like to make a donation, please send your check made out to Grace to the church office, or use the online giving app on our website. Please designate LWR on the comment line. Thank you for your care and generosity! From your LWR Team

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