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A November to Remember begins

~November to Remember~

Memorial Wall

This month, we at Grace are naming and claiming the sadness we feel that the Church, both global and local, is no longer the Church of our childhood. We grieve that the community, the building, and the time we spend together as a congregation is not the same as what we have treasured in our memories for a few years or a few decades.

Church is not dead. However it is ever-changing, perhaps at a pace and in a way for which we have not prepared ourselves. This memorial is a safe and visible way to mourn the Church that shaped our Faith, and the activities, worship events, and fellowship gatherings that have changed so much. In acknowledging our grief through this month, we ready ourselves for the season of Hope that is Advent.

About the wall…

  • Your object or written item will not be returned to you. If you leave a picture or other item that is important to you, please leave a copy and not the original.
  • Use the provided writing utensils, paper, and clothespins to attach your memorial offering to the fence. Or, leave larger items to display on the floor next to the fence.
  • Any written material that is taped closed is private and will not be read by anyone.
  • Your items will be displayed for the month of November onl

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